julep march easter themed nail polish for classic with a twist with extras chocolate eggs toe spacers and foot cream

Julep – January, February, March Colors & Review

I totally forgot to post the last three shipments of Julep nail polish, but better late than never right?? RIGHT?! Anyway, here they are! I’ll describe the colors with their corresponding pictures, just scroll! January 1. Meryl Polish (creamy gray)         2. Oscar Polish (gold glitter) 3. Julep Topcoat…

essie 2012 spring nail polish combination silver glitter and pistachio

Wearable Spring Pastels and Neons for Nails!

Since I haven’t posted anything about nails recently, I decided to overcompensate and put up three separate nail polish combos that I wore over the past few weeks! The predominant color trends for the spring/summer this year seem to favor pale pastels on one end of the spectrum and bright…