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Debra For Smart Chicks


Thank you for visiting forsmartchicks.com! I created forsmartchicks for unapologetically intelligent, strong, and beautiful women who live life with passion. Ever since I was a young child, I have been surrounded by strong female role models beginning with my grandmother and my mother. Learning from their example, I have made it a life goal to pursue the things that I feel passionate about without caving into obstacles posed as a result of being female. I love immersing myself in new things, in beautiful things, and excelling at whatever I put my mind to. I also love helping women exude  inner beauty and individuality through makeup and fashion.

Currently, I’m a law student in Los Angeles and I also clerk for a fashion law firm based in Downtown L.A. In my spare time I love learning about anything and everything related to makeup, skincare, fashion, accessories, and design. I also enjoy hanging out with Gary (bf) and Miya (cat); our favorite friday night pastime is staying in and watching a good movie.

Please come back once in a while to catch up on the people, things, and beauty knowledge that I come across on my journey.

If you have anything to share or any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to send me an email, leave a reply, or comment on a post!

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!