Haircut of the Year?!

haircut of the year - karlie kloss

Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of making an appointment to see Johnny Ramirez for a new hair color and Anh Co Tran for a haircut…

I never realized how involved dying and cutting hair at a salon could potentially be until now. I’ve always just dyed my hair myself since I love DIY projects and I love the control I have over how my hair color will turn out. Regardless, I came across Johnny’s blog while doing research on hair coloring, and I was pretty much convinced after the first page of before and afters that he is the go to person for professional hair coloring.

I sent Johnny an email and his wonderful assistant Joanna promptly replied with a set of questions for me to answer as well as a request for current hair photos and desired color/cut photos.

Here are the example photos that I sent back (the first two are both color/cuts by Johnny and Anh respectively):

color by johnny ramirez

color by johnny ramirez

lauren's color by johnny ramirez

lauren’s color by johnny ramirez

karlie kloss haircut of the year 2013

karlie kloss haircut of the year 2013

haircut of the year - karlie kloss

haircut of the year – karlie kloss

Not so sure that I can pull off Karlie Kloss’ “haircut of the year,” but I do love the overall look.

I’ll put up before and afters of my pro hair salon adventure once it happens!

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

~ Deb ~

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