Four Makeup Looks In Four Days


PHEW! Finally done with moving! My boyfriend and I have been looking for a new place to live for a few months now, and we finally just settled on a bigger unit in our current building. I love the apartments here, so I really wanted to stay but rent is definitely TOO DAMN HIGH lol. Fortunately they were having a special so we were able to take advantage of it, we got really lucky!

ANYWAY, now that that’s over and done with, I wanted to share a few makeup looks that I’ve done in the past few days. They’re not dramatically different, but I just wanted to show how small changes can make a huge difference in the final look.

Look 1:

Here, I used a taupe cream shadow on the top lid and on the lower lash area, and kept the rest of the face very neutral except for some light blush and a berry lip. It looked kind of different in person, but the general idea was to keep the eyes relatively neutral and emphasize the berry colored lip. I used demi lashes on the outer corners of my upper lashes, and used more mascara than I normally do on the lower lashes to balance out the taupe shadow.
makeup looks by forsmartchicks

Look 2:

Here, I tried to balance out winged eyeliner with more of a flushed blush look. First I used a cream blush in a peachy tone, then after powdering my face lightly, applied Nars Orgasm powder blush to my cheeks as well. I usually apply blush no farther in than the pupil of my eyes, if you can imagine a line going from my pupil down to my cheeks. I concentrate most of the blush on the highest point of my cheek bones and then lightly blend the rest into the temple.

The key to blush is – blend blend blend. If you don’t blend out the edges it looks really bizarre and fake. I’ve seen some pretty scary blush applications on people, where it pretty much looks like they fell into their blush cheek first and then just refused to blend it out.

BTW I love using the cream blush + power blush combo because the cream lays down a sheer color base, and the powder enhances the cream and locks it in place. It makes the most natural flush I’ve ever seen (on myself at least). I normally use MAC Cremeblend Blush, or Creme Color Base, or recently I’ve been using the Casual Color line of cream products, it’s an all – in – one cream product that you can apply to either cheeks, or lips, or both if you want to do a monochromatic look which is super in right now. In terms of power blush I either use Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 – Hour Blush in blissful or natural beauty, or Nars blush in Orgasm. With the powder blush I use the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush  - the PERFECT powder blush applicator. I’ve been using mine for the last three years and it still applies powder blush amazingly. It’s easily my favorite makeup brush.
makeup looks by forsmartchicks
Look 3:

With this look I wanted to achieve a cuter, more doe-eyed effect. To do so, I winged my eyeliner downwards to create a puppy-eye effect. Then I applied MAC pink cream blush in Weekend Getaway to my cheeks, along with Nars pink powder blush in Gaiety on top of it. Then I used a pink gloss that was similar in tone to the blush on my lips. I also applied demi lashes to the corners of my lids to further simulate the wide-eyed look.
makeup looks by forsmartchicks
Look 4:

Here, I tried to make it more neutral with a peachy cream blush and powder blush, as well as Inglot shadows in shimmery browns on my eyes. I didn’t put anything on my lips except some lip balm to keep them hydrated. The main focal point of the look is the thicker, more balanced eyeliner in a slight cat eye, complimented by a thicker brow to counterbalance the liner. This is closer to the look that I do most days now because I think it’s work/school appropriate. It makes me look more assertive, in comparison to the cuter look I did above.
makeup looks by forsmartchicks

Here’s a list of all the other products I used on my face that were consistent throughout the four looks:

1. Dr.G Brightening Balm SPF 30 PA++ (BB Cream) – BEST BB CREAM that I’ve used to date

2. Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Color Corrector in #605 – for under the eyes

3. Make Up For Ever Paris Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream Waterproof in #6 – for small blemishes

4. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden

5. MAC Technakohl Liner Eye Liner Kajal in Graphblack for the upper waterline

6. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack – for eyeliner

7. MAC Eye Brows in Lingering – to fill in the brows

8. MAC Chromographic Pencil in NC15/NW20 – for the lower waterline

9. Lancome Paris Definicils High Definition Mascara

10. Urban Decay De Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

Hope this helps!

~ Deb ~


  • Reply August 1, 2012


    omgoodness! you moved again! haha photos of the new place! well, once you’re completely settled! we need to catch up! i’ll see you this weekend! :D D

    i like look #1 the best! (look #3 a close 2nd!) your eyes are huge! i would love to see close up shots of your eye makeup to get a better idea on how to do these looks on myself :)

    btw, i’ve been looking for eyeliner for my waterline that doesn’t smudge after like 8-12 hours. i don’t know if it’s the shape of my eyes or if it’s the eyeliner. but i’ve tried so many different kinds and at the end of the day….i don’t even have eyeliner anymore. lol it’s either gone or it’s smudged, so it looks like i have dark circles under my eyes. maybe like a month ago i got the urban decay in zero and it is nottt working out for me. i’ve been using them for a year now and i love them for top liner. i use them daily and it doesn’t smudge and the pencil is soft, easy to apply and it doesn’t tug on my eyelids. but for under the eye….does notttt stay :(
    any suggestions/recommendations?

    • Reply August 6, 2012


      Hey Tiff!

      Sorry for not being able to make it last weekend! I’m in China lol. I had to move the day after my last summer session final, and then left for china two days later so it’s been super hectic. I’ll definitely be back on the weekend of Grace’s wedding so I’m excited to see everyone there! I can do your makeup if you want haha.

      In terms of eyeliner, it seems like you should try combination of things. First thing is to try a great eyelid primer. Primer really helps the liner stay put all day. I’ve been using the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden for the last few years and it’s never failed me. Second thing is to either try gel liner, or liquid liner. Gel is probably easier to apply at first, and it’s what I use everyday. I use liquid liner when I think it’s going to be super hot outside and I know my face is going to get really oily. My favorite gel liner is still MAC fluidline in Blacktrack, it’s really smooth and creamy so application is easy but it also stays put all day once it dries. In terms of liquid liner, the best that I’ve tried so far is by K-palette (japanese cosmetic brand), it’s called “real lasting eyeliner” 24 hour 1 day tattoo. I’m pretty sure you can get it on amazon. It’s AMAZING. It literally is like a tattoo, it’s impossible to take off without makeup remover. I always use it on flights back to China because I know it’ll stay on until I take it off.

      For the waterline, I use the MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, it stays on really well all day and it doesn’t transfer to my lower waterline. I like that a lot because I use a beige pencil on my lower waterline to make my eyes look bigger. How do you like the MAC liner so far?? Let’s catch up sometime! I can skype :)


      • Reply August 11, 2012


        ohh i meant my lower lashline/waterline. the mac one is working out. but even after a 12 h shift. it’s smudged. i guess that is unavoidable =\ but it stays better than other eyeliners i’ve used.

        but thanks for the tip on eyeliner because my eyelids are super greasy and everything creases after 8 hours :( so i’ll look into the ones you recommended too! :)

        haha yea i’ll try to skype…i work ridiculous hours…. and i go to bet at like 10……ill keep you posted :)

        • Reply August 11, 2012


          **bed…hahha those smiley faces take up a lot of space

  • Reply August 1, 2012


    **i’m talking about the urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil eyeliner
    haha just to clarify…
    and i’m looking for a pencil for my waterline. i don’t like liquid or gel…i want something quick cuz i’m always running late in the morning/that i can just throw in my purse too.

  • Reply August 5, 2012


    update: i bought the mac technakohl liner in black. looks promising :)

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