Late Night Craving!


Couldn’t sleep again…sooo I was watching youtube videos and came across this really cool youtube beauty guru Rachel Talbott on her channel CheckInTheMirror and she mentioned a giveaway she was doing with PMD (Personal Microderm) which is an at home microdermabrasion tool.

Coincidentally I just had my first Microdermabrasion experience last week and I’ve been loving the results. I’ve been looking to book more appointments ever since. I was SO EXCITED about this at home version that I couldn’t wait to get it so I ordered it just now. I used a 25% off discount code I found online which significantly brought down the price to $162 from around $216 (which includes both the PMD personal microderm machine, and also the PMD daily regeneration system): “razzlebdazzle” (just in case anyone is interested in this product).

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I’m SO excited to receive this PMD personal microderm system and fully test it out. I will most definitely do a detailed review on the personal microderm system once I get my hands on it!!!

I also started using Latisse last week, I purchased it at the spa after getting microdermabrasion done and I’ve definitely noticed my eyelashes are longer in just a few days. I will also be doing a full review as well as before and after pictures on that once I finish with the first full treatment of Latisse.

Have a great week!!!

~ Deb ~

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