DIY Studded Chambray Shirt!


More DIY!

I’ve been meaning to experiment with putting studs on clothing, but I never knew which shirt I was willing to sacrifice for this purpose. I went with this forever 21 chambray shirt that I’ve had for a while, I love it but it was so inexpensive I knew I wouldn’t regret it if I messed it up haha.

This is a SUPER easy DIY project, and you really can’t go wrong with silver or gold studs in any shape or size you wish to use. Just keep in mind that if you use studs that are prone to rusting or oxidizing you’re better off using a shirt that you won’t wear TOO often, otherwise you might have to get it dry cleaned or something since you won’t be able to wash it using traditional methods (or I guess you could hand wash it, or spot treat it).

Required Materials:

  1. Studs of your choice – silver rhombus studs, 12 x 7 mm from this ebay seller: link 
  2. Article of clothing – Here, I used a simple chambray-like shirt from forever 21
  3. 30 min – 1 hour of time – depending on how elaborate you want your design to be

This is a picture of the final result of my DIY studding attempt!
do it yourself studded chambray shirt

Here are the studs that I used, you can see the four little prongs sticking up on the underside of the stud, these are used to attach the stud to the fabric of the shirt.
do it yourself studded chambray shirt

In terms of the design, figure out what you want the final product to look like and start attaching each stud one at a time. To attach the stud to the shirt, just pierce the little prongs through the fabric onto the other side of the fabric and then fold down the prongs inward so they crisscross one another. If you bend the prongs the other way you might end up getting stabbed while wearing the shirt.

Here, you can see I did one side of the pocket flap, next I will do the other side to complete this portion of the design.
do it yourself studded chambray shirt

Up to this point I’ve completed the pocket flap part of my design. Too bad I couldn’t make it symmetrical, for some reason the pocket wasn’t even on both sides….
do it yourself studded chambray shirt

Here I did the same thing to the bottom of the pocket as I did on the pocket flap. I finished doing this part and decided it needed more bling…so I added another row of studs as seen below. You can clearly never have to much embellishment. (Unless it’s the fob kind)
do it yourself studded chambray shirt

I’ve finally completed the pocket design. It was hard to make the studs sit perfectly flush to the one next to it, hey I tried my best.
do it yourself studded chambray shirt

I thought the collar looked a little bit bare after all the pocket embellishing so I put one stud on each corner of the collar. At this point I literally just wanted to either stud the entire right shoulder of the shirt or the whole collar, so I had to stop myself before the shirt started looking more like armor than a button down.
do it yourself studded chambray shirt

That’s it! This was super fun, I think I’m going to start studding more of my old clothes to give it new life. Maybe this will motivate me to wear some of the older stuff in my closet.

Give this DIY project a try! I’d love to know your project turns out!!

Have a great week everyone!

~ Deb ~

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