July, 2012


Four Makeup Looks In Four Days

PHEW! Finally done with moving! My boyfriend and I have been looking for a new place to live for a few months now, and we finally just settled on a bigger unit in our current building. I love the apartments here, so I really wanted to stay but rent is…

nordstrom anniversary sale haul clinique moisturizer

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul!

I went furniture shopping last weekend for my new apartment, and ended up going to Nordstrom to check out their anniversary sale. The prices are surprisingly good! I wanted to show everyone what I got, since I love watching and reading about hauls myself! VC Signature Warren Boot Till August…


Late Night Craving!

Couldn’t sleep again…sooo I was watching youtube videos and came across this really cool youtube beauty guru Rachel Talbott on her channel CheckInTheMirror and she mentioned a giveaway she was doing with PMD (Personal Microderm) which is an at home microdermabrasion tool. Coincidentally I just had my first Microdermabrasion experience last…

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I just watched this AMAZING documentary about one of the the worlds best sushi chefs, Jiro Ono. At 85 years old he still strives to learn about his craft, and to hone his skills as a master sushi chef. His restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro was the first sushi restaurant to be…

house of harlow 1960 abalone station necklace

Late Night Craving!

I need this necklace in my life. Right now. House of Harlow 1960 Abalone Station Necklace ($150) I should probably be sleeping right now…good night! ~ Deb ~

gel nail kit and tutorial

Sephora Gel Nail Kit Review & Tutorial!

I’ve been obsessed with gel nail polish ever since I got it done in China over the winter holiday. I’ve been looking for a legit gel nail kit ever since then, and finally FINALLY I found one that fulfills all of my requirements! The Sephora gel shine at home gel…