LOTD – Draw Something!!!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (like I have) you probably already use or have heard of the Draw Something app!

draw something

It debuted in February this year around the 8th and Zynga purportedly bought the company that made it (OMGPOP) for a combined amount of $200 million recently…damn that’s a lot of money to earn/shell out for making one successful app. Looks like I’m going into the wrong profession.

ANYWAY wanted to share with everyone my favorite Draw Something picture that I drew last week:

draw something favorite picture drawing

It’s available on android phones as well so no worries if you don’t use the iPhone! I prefer to use my iPad since you can really add details with the larger screen.

Add me on Draw Something and we can play!

My username: DHa4188

Have a great week!

~ Deb ~

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