New Year = New Hair Cut!

On a whim yesterday…I CUT MY HAIR WAY SHORT!

It was time for a change anyway, new haircut for a new year.

I went with my mom to the salon that she frequents while on business in China to get a treatment done on my hair, but instead I ended up leaving with more than a foot less hair than when I went in. I just decided to go for it since the hair stylist came highly recommended. It turned out okay, it’s not as short as I will probably go the next time, but I need to ease into it.

It’s pretty short as is. I was getting pretty sick of my long curly hair since I’ve had it like that for the past two years. It’s so much easier to manage now, I don’t have to deep condition it every time I wash my hair since all the damaged parts have been chopped off and I can actually run my fingers through it. It’s also SUPER healthy looking which is awesome. Now I just need to re-dye it a darker color so it’s more uniform….hmm.

long bob styled hair cut

cut my hair in china while on vacation long bob style

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Now onto new years!!!

~ Deb ~


  • Reply December 29, 2011


    OMG debra! I LOVE it! i think you look really good with short hair!
    i think it’s a really good length!

    • Reply December 29, 2011


      btw, are you going to be in NJ anytime soon?

    • Reply December 29, 2011


      Thank youuuu! I’m glad you approve haha :)

      And unfortunately no :( no plans right now to go back to NJ but who knows? I might just go back one random weekend because amy dad’s there or something. I’ll definitely let you know if I go back!!

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