My ALL TIME Favorite Hair Products!

I’ve been meaning to do a post about my favorite hair products because hair care is like skincare, super important but hard to find the products that are right for your specific needs. I’ve gone through so many different brands, and types of products to get to the ones that you’ll see in this post, so rest assured that when I say it’s a good product that I’m not just choosing products willy-nilly. These are the tried and true products that I use to make sure my hair is manageable on a daily basis. I’m not a hair person, so I need options that work well without too much effort on my part. Also, my hair is of the supernaturally oily variety so I usually have to take that into consideration before purchasing.

As listed below, my favorite products are in the order in which I use them normally:

1. Wen Sixthirteen Daily Cleansing Treatment

2. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

3. Orofluido Beauty Elixir – leave in oil treatment 

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original 


1. Wen Sixthirteen Daily Cleansing Treatment

($78 for 32oz on Wen website)($54.96 for 32oz on QVC website)

I first heard about wen products when Chaz Dean, the creator of wen was on QVC a year and half ago introducing his product and doing demos.

I don’t know about you, but prior to discovering cleansing conditioners one MAJOR requirement I had for shampoo was that it absolutely had to have a great lather, because that’s how I knew I was cleaning my hair effectively. It turns out though that the lather in shampoo isn’t really necessary for a hair cleanser to effectively cleanse the hair of excess dirt and oil.

I’ve tried all different types of shampoo and conditioner combos, but I’ve got to say Wen cleansing conditioners are THE BEST hair cleanser that I’ve ever tried. Even going back to my old favorite (Tsubaki by Shiseido) doesn’t cut it anymore. The hair cleanser is shampoo and conditioner in one. You just massage it into your hair, add a little water and comb through it with the special saw-cut shower comb that’s designed to reduce the strain on your delicate wet hair, then rinse it out, and you’re done!

The Wen cleansing conditioner line is very broad with many different scents that purportedly are for different hair concerns (you can check out the wen website for more information to determine which one would best suit your hair), or you could try the one that i’m currently using: sixthirteen, which is supposed to be the most nourishing of the hair cleansers for any hair type. It has amazing ingredients in it including 25 natural oils and extracts, which bring out the best qualities of your specific hair type. IT’S AMAZING (with a caveat – not for people that are sensitive to strong fragrances…because it has a very strong albeit pleasant scent). It’s on the expensive side of hair cleansers, so I recommend trying out a smaller size of the regular wen hair conditioners first to see whether or not you like it before purchasing a bigger bottle because it’s definitely an investment.

QVC has great deals on Wen haircare so check it out (I included a link above for QVC!).

wen sixthirteen cleansing hair treatment review with instruction manual and special cleansing comb

wen six thirteen daily cleansing treatment review

wen sixthirteen daily hair cleansing treatment back panel 32oz bottle review

directions for how to use wen sixthirteen daily hair cleansing treatment

wen sixthirteen daily hair cleansing treatment logo on the front panel of the bottle

hand finished wide tooth saw cut shower comb especially used with the wen cleansing conditioners


2. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

($15.97 for 8oz on Amazon)

I had to try out the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque after Elle Fowler (allthatglitters21) raved about it on her Youtube channel. I was not disappointed! It’s number one on my list of hair masks because I love the smell, but even more importantly, I LOVEEEEE the way it makes my hair feel. SUPER SOFT and SILKY! I’ve dyed and permed the crap out of my hair for the past few years so if I don’t use a super moisturizing mask on the lower 3/4 of my hair, it literally feels crispy.

I use it every other time I wash my hair, so about twice a week. I just lather it on after cleansing it with the Wen Sixthirteen and squeezing all the water out of my hair, focusing on the ends and avoiding any hair that’s above my ears because my scalp is naturally oily. I leave it in while I do all the other shower stuff like body wash and exfoliating and whatnot. Then I just rinse it out at the very end when I’m all done with my shower routine.

Just to show how much I LOVE this product, I must admit that I’ve NEVER in my life finished a whole container of hair mask EVER until I discovered this product, and in the past year of using it I’ve had to repurchase this product many times because I run out of it every two to three months. (another warning about fragrance – the fragrance of this one is also very strong but pleasant, so beware if you’re sensitive to fragrance).

macadamia deep repair masque for dry and or damaged hair with macadamia and argan oils to repair hair

macadamia deep repair masque side panel with logo

macadamia deep repair masque or mask back panel with instructions on how to use


3. Orofluido Beauty Elixir

($21.45 for 3.4oz on Amazon)

This is a leave in oil that’s used after you’re done showering while the hair is still 70-80% wet to lock in moisture and leave your hair looking super shiny and silky. I actually first tried this because it was part of a Birchbox shipment that came in October. I used the entire vial of it and HAD to get more. I’ve never been a fan of leave in conditioners because they always left this weird residue-y feeling on my hair and weighed it down. I’ve tried other oils as well, but they never seemed to work too well for me either, it always made my hair feel saturated with product even though I don’t use that much, and weighed it down significantly.

This oil has one of the most amazing and unique scents I’ve ever come across due to the essential oils that are packed into this product. I can’t say it better than this product description:

“With just a few drops hair blow-drying time can be cut by up to 20% and hair will be restored with a luminous shine and lustre that Cleopatra herself would be proud of. OroFluido contains three potent oils which all have a wonderous effect on hair leaving it looking vitalised strong and ultra shiny; Cyperus Oil from Egypt: softens hair and adds brilliant shine. Linseed Oil from the Mediterranean; seals in hair moisture and protects from humidity smoothes hair follicles and glosses the hair.  Argan Oil from Morocco improves the hair’s elasticity is rich in vitamin E and soothes itchy scalps.

OroFluido has a mouth watering vanilla fragrance and a silky texture which glides easily through the hair and adds moisture without leaving behind a sticky residue…the aromatic scent has a foundation of bergamot and neroli body of amber red peppers and cyclamen-muguet and finish of amber vanilla and patchouli-sandalwood.”

I use a very small nickel sized amount for all of my hair, focusing on the ends. I warm it up on my palms and just press it into the hair until it’s absorbed and that’s it! I don’t do anything else to my hair, this is my one after shower product in my very small arsenal and it does everything that I need it to do. AMAZING!!!

orofluido beauty elixir used post shower as leave in treatment for shiny manageable hair

orofluido beauty elixir for hair in glass bottle with brand name and scroll design

orofluido beauty elixir for hair back panel

orofluido beauty elixir leave in hair oil treatment diagonal close up shot

orofluido beauty elixir leave in oil treatment for hair highly effective in creating smoothness and shine

orofluido beauty elixir ingredient descriptions on the back panel

orofluido beauty elixir back panel with instructions on use

orofluido beauty elixir for hair back panel with description of ingredients

orofluido beauty elixir bottom panel with ingredients


5. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Original 

($3.99 for 5.5oz on Amazon)

Um…soooooo…this is probably embarrassing to say but I don’t wash my hair everyday. I usually skip a day in between so that I don’t dry my hair out too much with over-washing since it’s so damaged from my excessive dying and perming. Unfortunately, since my hair is UUUUBER oily, dry shampoo has become my BEST FRIEND.

Although there are a bajillion dry shampoos out there, and trust me I’ve never met a fancy dry shampoo in Sephora, or a drugstore equivalent that I haven’t tried, the Batiste Dry Shampoo at $3.99 is THE BEST that I’ve come across in my many many years of searching for the best dry shampoo. The only criteria that I have for dry shampoo is that it makes my hair look like I just washed it – super shiny and silky without that weird dull effect that happens with most dry shampoos due to the powder that is used to absorb excess oil. It needs to be CONVINCING and LONG LASTING!!

I can’t tell you how much I love this stuff…I just wish they made it in a bigger size so I would NEVER run out of it. It also comes in different shades for darker hair and different scents for those who want to smell like they’re stuck on a tropical island somewhere or in the middle of a very rosy garden…but I think the original is still the best (and yep I’ve tried all the different varieties in the Batiste line). I mean even at its full price of $8.99 you could purchase and try out all the different varieties of Batiste and still not have spent more than the price of one Liquid Keratin Dry Shampoo ($29).

With this product, I just lift up the hair closest to my scalp and spray into my roots on the top of my head and on the sides, then massage it in with my fingers till you can’t really see the product anymore. Then I brush it out with a wide paddle brush until my hair looks squeaky clean, and perfectly shiny and smooth. You can’t beat this product on both the value side and on the quality side!

batiste waterless dry shampoo keeps hair shiny and oil free in between washes

batiste dry shampoo in original scent and color

Hope this helps!! And good luck with the last few days of mad dash shopping before Christmas!!!

~ Deb ~

P.S. As with all reviews, these are just my own opinions, and definitely take them with a grain of salt as my opinions might not jive with your opinions all the time. I’m only writing what I honestly feel and believe, so no one’s paying me for anything that I write on my blog 100% of the time. (Gotta write this at one point or another haha).


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    That deep repair masque has changed my life! My hair has never felt this healthy – thanks for sharing!

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      Yayyy!! I’m so glad you like it!! Hair masks are always hit or miss so I’m glad you found one that you like!!

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