Review – GoToob Travel Containers

gotoob containers come in different sizes and colors silicone travel containers

One reason that I’ve always hated traveling by air is that I can’t bring my full size products with me due to their weight and size. Before discovering GoToobs I tried many types of travel containers, mainly ones from drugstores, specialty container stores, and online. The problem with most travel containers is that they spill easily and they’re hard to fill (especially with thick products like conditioner). Soooooooo yeah….I LOVE GoTOOB!!!!

Seriously the best travel container I’ve come across EVER.


1. The opening of the container is large – allows for easy filling of whatever products you want to use it for.

2. Silicone bottle – easy to squeeze and to grip!!! I hate bottles that get weird fold marks after you squeeze them one too many times.

3. Comes in a variety of colors – I LOVE ME SOME COLOR. I like to color coordinate everything, so this allows me to keep track of what’s what without having to read the amazing labels that are built into the bottle (because I’m lazy ok?)

4. Comes in a variety of sizes – it comes in 1.25, 2, and 3 oz bottles so not only can you color coordinate but you can also coordinate by size! Things like shampoo you’re obviously going to need a lot more of than say conditioner. (Have you found that shampoo runs out much faster than conditioner? I have this problem EVERY TIME).

5. Has a SUCTION CUP on the back so you can take it directly from your bag to wherever you’re showering and just stick it on the wall. Genius.

6. Has this weird type of opening/nozzle once you open the flip top (which is pretty smart as well) that I’ve only seen on bottles for honey because it dispenses really well. It’s super smart because it dispenses without being messy. You have to see it and use it to know what I’m talking about. It looks kind of like a silicone version of a heart valve with the three lobes!

7. Built in labels around the opening that you can change based on how you twist the cap so you know what’s in each container at all times! SUPER SMART.

8. They’re approved for airplane carry on, food safe, and 100% BPA and PC-free!!


1. The containers are all a little bit different between the three sizes. The smaller containers don’t have a suction cup on the back so you can’t stick it on the wall…but maybe you’re not meant to stick it on the wall?

Nothing else!

Bottom line = 10 out of 10!!!!

gotoob the civilized squeezable travel tube

gotoob travel containers in orange silicone

gotoob travel containers

gotoob travel container in orange silicone

gotoob has labels on the edge to mark what type of products you put into it

gotoob containers come in different sizes and colors silicone travel containers

gotoob comes in different sizes and colors

To me these are a must have if you travel at all. MUST HAVE. At least give one a try, you seriously won’t regret it!!

~ Deb ~


  • Reply December 20, 2011


    oh this are super cool! i like what i read about the positives. i feel like i struggled with the same issues with other travel containers. i will definitely have to invest in these when i travel in the future.

    • Reply December 20, 2011


      *these are

    • Reply December 20, 2011


      They’re the best!! I was so excited to do this review because I want people to know about these!!!! They’re awesome! I just got three more 3oz ones on amazon, it was like $20 for 3. I can’t live without them now!

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