Velvet Leggings = Fall/Winter Wardrobe Staple

My favorite staple for chillier weather is most definitely black velvet leggings!!

To me they’re like a good pair of skinny jeans or a well tailored trench, I think everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe.

Here are two examples, though you can’t really see the great texture and sheen of the velvet:

Topshop ($45)

J Brand ($183)

Velvet adds a touch of luxury to any outfit. They’re such an easy staple because you can wear it with basically anything like regular black leggings, but they’re so much more refined and edgy at the same time. You can dress it up with a great blazer and heels if you’re wearing it out for dinner, or you could throw on a big comfy sweater, a chunky necklace, and boots for a casual look. They just elevate your look to a whole new level!

Today I wore it with a light floral tunic and a green cashmere sweater, plus brown boots and jewelmint necklaces for a super comfy look.

Should I do OOTDs? Maybe I’ll start recording my everyday outfits.

~ Deb ~


  • Reply November 23, 2011


    So glad you finally made a post about this! These are definitely the signature “Debra” look. I also vote YES on the OOTD posts. Since I can’t see you everyday and I don’t expect Jackie to MMS me a photo every 24 hours, I’m all about OOTD!

    Have a great Thanksgiving and happy tax free shopping!

    • Reply November 24, 2011


      Heyyyyy!! Haha okay just for you Yan :) I’ll try to start ootds after finals :) we need to hang out and start our Jewelery company hahaha :) )) I hope you have a great thanksgiving as wellllll. I’m sitting in the airport sigh…traveling is about as low on my to do list as outlining -_-.

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