One Year of Jewelmint!

I discovered in December of last year, only a few months after the website was opened to the public. I really loved the idea of getting a personalized piece of jewelery to add to my collection every month! What’s even better is that the pieces added to your own personal showroom are specially picked out based on your own style preferences. All you have to do is take the style quiz, and sign up for a monthly subscription of $30. You can skip a month and get 1 credit to go towards a future purchase if you decide not to buy anything for a particular month. If you don’t see anything that you like in your showroom, you can look at the “show me more” link and look at all the other options that they have for the month, so you aren’t just limited to the options that they pick out for you.

I’ve come to realize that I can’t just limit myself to one piece every month…I love most of the pieces that I’ve gotten from the site! I have to admit that there were a few that were not so great, but fortunately I was able to return them in exchange for others.

Below I’ve included pictures of the packaging that Jewelmint uses for each of their pieces, how it looks when you open up the box, the description of the piece itself, as well as a picture of one my most recent purchases, the Pomander Pendant. I picked this pendant because you can put your favorite scent on a piece of cotton and place it in the interior of the sphere, which has holes on the upper half to release the fragrance throughout the day. I love perfume, so I thought this would be super fun.


The other piece that I picked up for the month of November was the Payal Belle Bracelet, I love the different components on the bracelet, and the ethnic feel of it! It’s a little bit big, but it looks great with slouchy shirts and sweaters.

Jewelmint always has great deals on their site for first time buyers like 50% off the first piece, so definitely take the quiz and check out which pieces pop up on your showroom!

~ Deb

P.S. If you want to see all of the other pieces that I’ve picked up over the past year, let me know!

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