Oprah’s Lifeclass Lessons

“Feel for what your soul believes. If you believe it you can achieve it. Anything is possible.”

“People hold the power to change their own lives; creating the life you want.”

“you are more than what you can see, you being here on planet earth really matters”

“It is achieveable” 

“everything in our lives, in our experience, all around us, is to show us what’s possible, the energy of what’s possible, of survial, of struggle, of transcendence, and of what is achiveable”

“it is your job in life to recognize that you’ve always had the power to become the best version of yourself”

~ Oprah ~

If you haven’t seen the new Lifeclass series on OWN, definitely check it out. Oprah does such a great job illuminating the issues that women face in society today. I’ve learned so much from her classes. Here are the biggest lessons that I’ve taken away from her shows:

1. Love DOES NOT hurt

2. Your spending is a reflection of what you value

3. You, and no one else are responsible for changing your life and making it better.

4. It is achievable!!

5. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time

6. Anyone pretending to be something that they’re not will never become all that they were meant to be.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting about my own life lately, and I feel like I need to make a lot of changes. Most importantly, I feel like I need to believe in myself more, and be more optimistic about my future. Law school has made me such a cynical person…I feel a million miles away from the college me…

How is everyone doing today? Do you feel like you’re living your best life in this very moment? Are there any dreams that you’ve put on hold to do “the right thing”?



  • Reply November 28, 2011


    In response to “Dreams on hold to do the ‘right thing’”…
    As the oldest Chinese daughter, there’s always the stereotype of having to put the family’s wants and needs first. That was what my undergraduate years felt like.
    It worked out for me better than most, but there were/are definite moments of putting what I wanted second. I honestly didn’t feel like I was living my best until recently. It took getting engaged and an outside prospective (Mike’s) to really take a moment and realize that it’s my life and I can only do my best and I have to be able to live with myself at the end of the day. Good luck with all of that, and I love your blog.


    • Reply November 28, 2011


      Hey! Thanks for the perspective :) I really appreciate it!!
      To me, respecting what my family has provided throughout my life is not only very important to the wellbeing of my family but also to me . I do feel like I’m sacrificing my own happiness sometimes, but I definitely want to see this through to the end, and then develop into other areas from there. I would prefer to do that than just quit halfway. I’m all about following your own passions because it’s the only will truly reach your potential, but in life sometimes, you need to think about the people you love as well in making decisions. (this its just in my opinion of course). Starting this blog is actually a way that I’m using to move me in the direction in which I want to go…so it’s not all in vain haha :)

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