Essie Winter 2011 Collection Swatches + Initial Impression

I received the Essie Winter 2011 Collection in the mail today!

This is just an initial impression of the colors, but I’ve included some pictures and swatches of the colors as reference just in case anyone wanted to see what the polishes looked like outside of the super photoshopped versions on the Essie website as seen below…

1. Bangle Jangle 

According to Essie this color is a “lavender amethyst,” but I would probably describe it more as just plain lavender. It has a gray undertone, and it’s definitely more on the creamy side of lavender. I think it’s a pretty unique color, the only thing is I don’t really see this as a winter/holiday color…it’s more spring to me.

2. Brooch the Subject 

Brooch the Subject is a really cool color to me, it’s like a yellowy nude more on the tan side. Again, not really holiday to me, but definitely a cool everyday color. Essie describes it as a “creamy cashmere cameo.”

3. Bobbing for Baubles

According to Essie it’s the “deepest darkest sapphire,” but to me it’s more like a dark navy blue. It probably looks more blue in direct light but anywhere else it looks like a very very deep navy.

4. Cocktail Bling 

“A precious pale gray jewel,” on the Essie website, I don’t really know how precious it is but it’s definitely a really chic gray. It has a lot of purple in it in my opinion, so it’s more on the warm side of gray. This would be the one color that I think is pretty winter appropriate.

5. School of Hard Rocks 

Essie describes this one as a “midnight malachite,” … what kind of color description is that seriously…*sigh. Anyway, it’s a gray green, definitely more muted than some of their previous green polishes. The green is of a cooler tone, so not your traditional christmas green, but it does look good against most skin tones.

6. Size Matters 

LOVE THIS COLOR! “A blazing hot ruby red,” according to Essie … though I don’t really agree…it’s more of a deep cranberry or burgundy color. I’ve been loving this color overall for fall, and I’m sure it’ll continue into the winter as well. This is the one color that I think Essie got right in this winter collection. I feel like all the other ones are meh (except maybe cocktail bling).

 My Pictures: 

Colors clockwise from the top left – School of Hard Rocks, Brooch the Subject, Cocktail Bling,

Bobbing for Baubles, Size Matters, Bangle Jangle

Hope this helps!!


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