White Swan for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

I’ve loved halloween ever since I was little because you can dress up as anything you want to be! You can be a completely different person/creature for a whole day and go trick or treating at night with your friends. I would dump out all of the trick or treating candy onto the ground of my bedroom and sort the candy into different groups and take some to school every day for the next few months to share with my friends. My old neighborhood in particular had this one area where all the huge houses were, and they always gave out the best king-sized candy! Halloween has changed a lot as I got older, but the dressing up, the transition into the holiday season, and the awesome sugar overload still makes halloween one of my favorite holidays. I hope everyone was able to spend halloween in great costumes with even greater friends. I’m going to go eat some of my own halloween candy now….

Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

~ Deb


  • Reply November 1, 2011


    oh fun! are you and your friend the black and white swan?
    i have yet to see that movie :(

    • Reply November 1, 2011


      oh hey. i dunno why i didn’t see the “WHITE SWAN FOR HALLOWEEN”
      ….lol my bad!

      • Reply November 1, 2011


        HAHAhahahahaha yes white swan for halloween hahahaha. The movie was very freaky, definitely don’t watch it alone hahaha.

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