Fall Accessory Trend – Chronograph Watches

For Gary’s and my 5th year anniversary last year, I bought a pair of matching black ceramic Chronograph watches for us. I was going to get the women’s version of the Armani one that I had purchased for him, but I ended up getting this rose gold and black ceramic DKNY version because it was a little bit more up my alley. I love this watch! I wear it with essentially everything. I think it’s a great accessory for fall outfits this year because there’s a lot of menswear inspiration going on.

The cool masculine vibe of Chronographs is undeniable, and it will turn up the style of any outfit. Look for chic details or color combinations, it will prevent the watch from looking too stuffy. Watches are definitely an investment, but it will last you for many years to come if you take care of it! Below I have included some options that I think are cool enough for a smart fashionista:

Coach Boyfriend Bracelet Watch ($345)

Rose gold is definitely my current favorite precious metal tone. It’s not as sallow as yellow gold, it’s got a great warmth to it that looks amazing on any skin tone. I also love the minimalistic design of this chronograph, definitely oriented towards the fashionably forward crowd.

Movado Bold Chronograph Bracelet Watch ($850)

Although I just stated above that I don’t think yellow gold is as flattering on all skin types, this watch is AWESOME. The sheen alone is breathtaking. I love the finish on this watch. This would definitely be the centerpiece of an outfit, no one would be able to miss this gem on your wrist. Just make sure to protect it at all costs, because there might be a more than a few jealous girls or guys out there that might try and steal it away.

Michele Sport Sail Large Watch ($745)

I love the classic look of this stainless steel watch. It’s got that menswear vibe, but the smaller links, the detailed face design, and the red accents make this piece female friendly. Michele makes great watches. I’ve got my eye on one of their rectangular ceramic pieces at the moment.

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch ($450)

Black watches are super popular this year for the winter, so this watch is going to sell out fast. I love the gold accents on this watch, I think it really makes the watch look unique. Also, the design of the face is different from the average chrono, it’s definitely made for those out there that want their accessories to speak for themselves. LOVE IT!

Nixon 40 20 Chrono Watch ($450)

I know I know, same brand as the watch above but I just could not leave this one out. LOOOOVE this color! How amazing would this watch look with a big comfy sweater??? Ok I’m getting a little too excited over this watch. The brushed stainless steel with pearlized acetate combo is killer. Can’t get any more fashion forward than this.

Michele Deco Diamond White Ceramic Watch ($1,995)

Last but definitely not least…MY FAVORITE OF THEM ALL! I know it’s not the traditional round chronograph, but I just love everything about this watch. It’s got the three-eye chronograph look, but it’s also elegant with the 108 pave diamond border, and mother of pearl face. It was inspired by art-deco, but it’s definitely a watch for the 21st century! Gotta have the diamonds…it’s so sparkly.

If you can’t justify the price tag on one of these beauties…just think…you need to be able to tell the time anyway right? Not only will one of these watches help you with staying on schedule, you’ll be able to look super stylish at the same time!

~ Deb

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