6 Year Anniversary

A few weeks ago when I was in China visiting family, my aunt told me that I was about to exceed my 8-year relationship limit, and that I had better get married before all hell breaks loose. She told me about an old chinese adage that essentially says you must marry the person you’re with within 8 years of being a couple, otherwise it is doomed to failure. I don’t know if I believe in the 8-year rule, but it got me thinking … how long is TOO long?

Is there a time limit for how long you can be with someone before you HAVE to get married? And if so, what’s the maximum amount of time? Is 8 years a reasonable number?

Maybe I’m just being paranoid seeing as my 6 year mark is coming up and there’s no inclination for marriage in sight…


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    woooow, such a sensual girl:)
    everything gonna be fine~

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    There’s a reason there’s such a thing as common law marriages. It’s mostly because beyond 7 years, the people are going to stay together regardless if they’re married or not. So a.) I don’t think the number of years matters if all you care about is staying together. b.) Does 8 have anything to do with fortune? Why not 9 for Tibetans since that’s their magic number?

    Don’t stress. :) We’re getting married because career wise, it’d be easier for us depending on where Mike ends up. We talked about staying together and not getting married at all. It doesn’t change how I feel, but for older people it may be different. Tradition and what not. Plus we’re both in a good place with our futures, we know what we plan on doing just not where.

    Um. Okay bie.

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    I totally understand you situation. You aunt is not an encouraging person on relationship. Relationship doesn’t have a time limit, but it two person do need to have a common goal. I wish you luck.(Look on the other side, I’m more abused from your aunt on relationship from ) lol

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